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Texas Commission on the Arts
Texas Touring Roster for performances from September 1, 2016-August 31, 2018

Texas Touring Roster

URBAN-15 Group

URBAN-15 Group

URBAN-15 creates exciting performances and innovative workshops for audiences of all ages. From parade and festival appearances to stage performances, school presentations, and community workshops, URBAN-15 brings a display of movement, color, costume, and sonic experiences that stimulate the imagination. For forty years, the company has blended ethnic dance and drumming traditions with experimental and modern aesthetics. The group has toured throughout the US and Mexico with presentations in parades, fine arts festivals, sports events, theater settings, state fairs and conventions. Their community outreach programs for youth, seniors, at-risk and special-needs audiences are respected in Texas and beyond. URBAN-15 Performance Ensemble is the stage-based presentation group that is available for indoor theater and outdoor amphitheater shows. This ensemble travels with 18 dancers, 12 drummers, and 3 technicians. It offers a full evening spectacle of visual elements, choreography, and sound pieces that blend traditional ethnic dance and musical forms with experimental and modern aesthetics. Programs include a drummers showcase and celebration dances. Photo © 2012 Jeff Prutzman/

Cisneros Catherine
2500 S. Presa
San Antonio, TX  78210

phone 210/736-1500
fax /
public performance/concert $1200 - $4500
school performance $300 - $1500
optional service transportion $800 - $2500
optional service lodging $240 - $2400


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