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Texas Touring Roster for performances from September 1, 2018-August 31, 2020

Texas Touring Roster

E-Flat Porch Band

E-Flat Porch Band

The E-Flat Porch Band is named for the porch in McKinney, Texas where the members first practiced-- it resonates to the key of E-flat. Audiences are entertained with a unique blend of acoustic "porch music," including blues, folk, early country, jazz and original tunes. This "porch" band is visually exciting as well, with multiple instruments played at one time, including one made out of a wooden soda pop box. Known for their fun delivery and quick wit, this band takes their music seriously without taking themselves too seriously. You will enjoy learning about our rich and varied blues musical heritage. Typical programs include Texas blues such as "Fishing Blues" by Henry Thomas, Mississippi Delta blues such as Robert Johnson's songs, swing jazz like "Route 66," and 20’s and 30’s blues from Tampa Red. Traditional tunes by legendary Texas blues artists highlight playing styles such as the "dead thumb" technique of Mance Lipscomb and the slide mastery of Blind Willie Johnson. Band members are also songwriters, and performances include their original songs such as "Long Gone Again." Programs for schools are tailored for age appropriate curriculum needs, and library programs highlight books in the facility’s collection which relate to the musical performance. Photo by Adah Leah Wolf.

Adah Leah Wolf
200 S. Bass
McKinney, TX  75069

phone 972-658-4981
e-mail eflatters@tx.rr.com
public performance/concert $400 - $1,000
school performance $300 - $600
workshop fees $400-$800
travel/per diem/lodging $90 - $1,110
website http://www.eflatporchband.com


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