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Texas Commission on the Arts
Texas Touring Roster for performances from September 1, 2016-August 31, 2018

Texas Touring Roster

Joel Laviolette and Rattletree

Joel Laviolette and Rattletree

"Sound, Energy and Enormous Instruments. Amazing!" (WWOZ, New Orleans) begins to describe the full sensory experience created by Joel Laviolette and Rattletree. With performances that range from high-energy multimedia events (Rattletree) to traditional acoustic engagements (Kupira Marimba), each show is customized to the needs of the event--fusing giant African marimbas (wooden xylophones) with electronica, world percussion, cutting-edge video projection, and choreographed dance. Composed of Austin’s finest percussionists, all of the musicians in the Rattletree family have been hand-selected and trained by Laviolette, who has over 20 years experience teaching and performing traditional Zimbabwean music around the world. Joel Laviolette and Rattletree offer a multimedia performance of Zimbabwean marimba mixed music with electronica, featuring visual projection, and choreographed dance. Kupira Marimba is a high-energy fully acoustic family-friendly Zimbabwean-style band, with an optional educational component offered. Kupira Trio provides an eclectic blend of marimba music and intricate mbira (Zimbabwean thumb-piano) melodies--perfect for galas, museums, and conventions. Another option is solo mbira: often described as "musical rain," mbira is perfect for quiet listening environments, including libraries, galleries, weddings, and cocktail receptions.

Rakefet Laviolette
300 Crockett St. #112
Austin, TX  78704

phone 512/417-2041
fax /
public performance/concert $2000 - $8000
school performance $1800 - $8000
optional service Kuipra Marimba Trio $1000 - $2500
optional service solo workshop/lecture $500 - $1800


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