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Texas Touring Roster for performances from September 1, 2018-August 31, 2020

Texas Touring Roster

Warren Hood

Warren Hood

People ask Warren Hood a lot of questions at the end of a show – what was the name of that song you played – it sounded like Stephane Grappelli maybe, right after the Doug Sahm cover? How did you learn to play fiddle like that? Are you playing anywhere else this week? How old are you? Warren always obliges to answer all of the questions, that's just his character (the answers are usually something like, "Black Cat", hard work and listening to the right records, yes, definitely, and older than you think). He cares deeply about the experiences of the people who come to his shows and buy his records and works hard to create memorable live performances and albums. His band plays every week at ABGB, drawing a mix of "old Austin” and newcomers, musicians and music lovers, and dancers who stay on the floor from the first to last song. The Warren Hood Band plays a mix of their own songs, classic country, and blues, with a nod towards their Texas roots with a few Uncle Walt’s Band songs mixed in. Warren recorded "Warren Hood Band,” released by Red Parlor Records and produced by Charlie Sexton. Photo by Micael Marie Monroe.

Roggie Baer
2004 Maple Avenue
Austin, TX  78722

phone 512-554-4004
e-mail roggie@rajiworld.com
public performance/concert $2,000 - $5,000
school performance $250 - $750
workshop fees $500 - $1,000
travel/per diem/lodging $500 - $3,000
website http://www.warrenhood.com


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