Title Call for Entries: Books Exhibition
Organization Blue Star Contemporary
Closing Date Saturday, August 31, 2019
Location San Antonio, TX

Application Period: July 1 – August 31, 2019, Application deadline: August 31, 2019
Review Period: September 2019
Artist Notification: Fall 2019

Blue Star Contemporary is pleased to offer this open call opportunity to artists in Texas, nationally, and internationally for the group exhibition Novel Ideas. Blue Star Contemporary seeks work exploring books as subject, form, and catalyst for new ideas. We are open to works of all kinds which explore the importance of books as medium, source, subject, etc. – to the history of art and to artists, be they sculpture, print, photography, one of a kind artist books in the tradition of book arts, digitally based works, and more! To be considered for this exhibition submit your application via Slideroom.

Candidates must:
•Have at least 5 years of relevant experience and/or specialized arts training, such as a degree or certificate.
•Demonstrate a clear investment of time and resources into their artistic practice.
•Have professional portfolios that include publicly displayed and possibly published works.
•Not have had a solo exhibition at Blue Star Contemporary within the last five years.
•Not be current students.
•Have work that demonstrates artistic excellence.

Where to apply:
BSC Slideroom portal: https://bluestarart.slideroom.com/#/Login

How to apply:
All applications must be submitted via Slideroom and include the attachments detailed below and a portfolio of work.

•Submit a portfolio your work to be considered for this specific exhibition. Portfolios should include recent work, made within the last five years. Your portfolio should give us an understanding of visual and conceptual themes, and your voice. Please note this is not a solo exhibition proposal.
•CV – includes exhibition record, education/training, professional experience, lectures, publications, etc. and website if applicable. (uploaded PDF or word document)
•Artist Statement – Statement should discuss your practice in general and may touch on specific projects presented. There is space to provide descriptions on individual works with those uploads.
•Artist Bio – Paragraph form biography about artist

Provide 15-20 items.

Allowed Media Types:
•Images (up to 5MB each)
•Video (up to 250MB each)
•Audio (up to 30MB each)
•Accompanying each media upload please include the title, medium, dimensions, and year the works was made in the provided fields. You may also include a description providing additional information about the piece.
•Note Youtube, Vimeo, and Soundcloud links also acceptable.
•Application Fee

All applicants pay a $10 application fee to Slideroom. This is a fee to use Slideroom’s services and not a fee collected by or distributed back to BSC.

Review Process:
BSC’s reviews applications through a multi-round process, developed from considering accessibility to artists and reviewers, effectiveness in aiding BSC admin in managing applications, and by surveying peer organizations’ open calls. The criteria and process itself are evaluated annually and we take into consideration artist and reviewer feedback. Reviewers include BSC curatorial staff and for some calls invited guest reviewers. Guest reviews are invited based on their visual arts knowledge and expertise, vary with each call, and have included artists, curators, collectors, gallerists, architects and other creative professionals.

Website https://bluestarcontemporary.org/