Title Call for Entries: Cybersecurity Contest
Organization neoRhino IT Solutions
Closing Date
Location Houston, TX

Art of Cybersecurity Contest

With cybersecurity becoming an extremely popular topic in the general world, it affects anyone with a device connected to the internet. We wanted to emphasize that creating a perfect network is an art form, and we at neoRhino are the experts to make masterpieces. Although we are an IT company, we have staff who are no stranger to the art world.
We wanted to reach out to the local art communities for a chance to win a $500 Amazon Gift Card.
The theme of the contest is Cybersecurity Threats to Businesses.
The deadline for submissions is Friday, November 2, 2018 at 11:59PM CST.
No entry fee.
Jurors: TBD
Prize: $500 Amazon gift card

More information, along with the contest terms and conditions, are located at http://www.neorhino.com/artcontest and http://www.neorhino.com/artofcybersecurity , and any questions you or any interested persons may have for us regarding the contest can be sent to us via email at art@neorhino.com .

Website https://www.neorhino.com/