Title Executive Director
Organization Inspire Community Fine Art Center
Closing Date Friday, December 15, 2017
Location San Antonio, TX

Overview: The Executive Director (ED) is the face of Inspire in promoting the arts as a force for education and healing across San Antonio by determining policies and programs to direct the operational activities of Inspire, partnering with the Board of Directors of Inspire and Community Partners. The ED is the ultimate advocate for Inspire and is responsible for the success of the organization and creating a positive impact on the community.

Summary of Duties:
• Communicate with community partners to promote the mission of Inspire
• Run financial reports (daily, monthly, annually)
• Monitor all programs including, community outreach, fundraising activities, and volunteer opportunities
• Lead Board Members, Staff and Instructors in carrying out the mission of Inspire
• Hire, develop and maintain top talent
• Maintain and keep facility running effectively and efficiently to accommodate all visitors
• Meet with members of the board monthly to keep fundraising efforts up to date and moving forward.
o Create monthly Directors report

Equipment & Tools:
• Desktop computer
• Electronic Mail
• Printer
• Copier
• Scanner
• Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
• QuickBooks
• Sumac
• File Maker Pro

Environmental Conditions:
• This role operates in an office and art studio environment

Career Paths:
• An individual can be hired to this position depending on appropriate education and/or experience. This is the highest position attainable at Inspire and in the non-profit sector. This position will allow non-profit leaders to continue and maintain an executive position.

Work Preformed:
Major Work Behavior (MWB): Communicating with others
1. Respond to issues and complaints from students, community partners and board members through email, phone and face-to-face interactions
2. Communicate effectively with foundations and the city of San Antonio to clarify qualifications for grants
3. Meet with community partners monthly to update outreach programs
4. Meet with Board of Directors monthly to get updates on fundraising and other Board initiatives.
5. Coordinate with North East Independent School District (NEISD) to plan yearly classes

MWB: HR Management
6. Hire high performing employees to promote the education and healing of art
7. Continuously coach employees and instructors throughout the year to promote personal and professional development
8. Continuously seek ways to improve community outreach programs
9. Conduct performance reviews for employees and staff members
10. Train and familiarize employees and staff with new positions
11. Send surveys to community partners to track outreach program impact on the force of education and healing of art in the community
12. Conduct finger print background checks for all new hires

MWB: Leadership
13. Recruit Board members year-round
14. Promote and convey transparency with the community and stakeholders in how Inspire will act as a force for the education and healing of art in the community as well as current events within Inspire
15. Consider stakeholder interests as they best fit the needs of Inspire
16. Carry out instructor meetings every quarter
17. Attend yearly conferences to keep up with current trends in the non-profit industry
18. Facilitate Student art show and house parties

MWB: Coordinating Grants
19. Review grants for final edits and approval
20. Send grants and follow up reports to foundations in a timely manner
21. Coordinate with Grant Writer making sure all aspects of a grant are finalized

MWB: Program Planning
22. Delegate and prioritize roles and responsibilities for programs and volunteers
23. Update class brochures regularly to meet current available classes
24. Coordinate registration for classes after the second week of classes in order to allow enough time for students to fill open vacancies
25. Plan special events strategically to cover periods where class registration is not bringing in capital
26. Maintain content on Inspire’s website to correspond with current events and classes.

MWB: Facility Management
27. Keep Inspire’s facility clean, tidy and safe for all users
28. Ensure facility is running properly by keeping equipment and tools in working order
29. Organize facility in an effective way for upcoming events
30. Maintain supplies for programs and classes

MWB: Budget Management
31. Confirm all invoices are sent in a timely manner
32. Ensure payment of bills that occur monthly for upkeep of the facility
33. Develop monthly budget report for the Board meeting
34. Monitor QuickBooks as needed
35. Create annual budget in November for approval at December’s Board meeting

***Major work performed may include additional duties as needed to ensure success of the organization. ***

Job Specifications
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Ability to align community programs with the mission of Inspire
• Ability to balance the needs of different stakeholders
• Ability to respond to a constantly changing environment
• Ability to prioritize according to organizational needs
• Effectively complete critical tasks in a timely and efficient manner
• Identify complex problems and review related information to make sound solutions and evaluate options
• Ability to demonstrate situational leadership
• Ability to treat each person/issue in their own context without bias.
• Effective communication with community partners.
• Extensive knowledge of non-profit finances.
• Extensive knowledge of non-profit business and management principles involved in strategic planning, effective leadership methods, resource allocation and human resources modeling.
• Intermediate knowledge of ability to use QuickBooks for financial reporting.
• Knowledge of and ability to navigate Sumac /File Maker Pro or other database systems.
• Knowledge of how art can be used to facilitate healing.
• Knowledge of cloud based document sharing applications.

Minimum Qualifications
• Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Fine Arts, or Non-Profit Management and 5 years of non-profit experience
• Degree supplemental with 8-10 years experience in a non-profit setting
• Working knowledge of the non-profit industry and non-profit finances
• Preferred background in art education
• Be able to lift up to 40 lbs
• Code: 11-1011.00
• Title: Chief Executives
• Related Titles:
o General and Operations Managers (11-1021.00)
o Social and Community Service Managers (11-9151.00)
o Education Administrators, Preschool and Childcare Center/Program (11-9031.00)

Website http://www.inspirefineart.org