Title Mesquite Arts Center Manager
Organization City of Mesquite
Closing Date
Location Mesquite, TX

Salary: $70,000.00 – $80,000.00 Annually


To plan, organize and execute creative arts programs for the City; coordinate facility usage including maintenance and security of Arts Center; negotiate contracts and agreements with creative arts organizations and artists; advocate the Mesquite Arts Program and Arts Center through promotional activities and presentations; coordinate assigned activities with City departments, various agencies, groups, and individuals; develop, coordinate and administer the public art program and local grants program; publish and distribute materials specific to the Mesquite Arts Program calendar, grants program, public art program and newsletter; provide responsible and complex administrative support to the Mesquite Arts Council Board of Directors.


General supervision is provided by the Deputy City Manager. Responsible for supervision over professional, technical, maintenance and clerical staff including the Mesquite Arts Center Assistant Manager, Arts Center Facilities Attendants and Arts Center Custodians. Additional supervision is required over contract professional, technical and security staff.


•All behaviors comply with the Code of Conduct and Rules of Behavior outlined in Chapter 8 of the General Government Policies and Procedures Manual.
•Adheres to assigned work schedule as outlined in city and department attendance policies and procedures.
•Generate funding through a variety of sources; seek funding through available grants and major contributors; coordinate membership drives; maintain membership listing, prepare and send annual membership dues statements.
•Administer program to promote visual and performing arts for the City; execute the Mesquite Arts Council agenda for visual and performing arts in the city; negotiate contracts and agreements with creative arts groups; act as liaison for art groups to provide support and professional guidance.
•Act as curator over art exhibitions and the permanent art collection at the Arts Center. Duties of a curator include scheduling the galleries, coordinating and hanging exhibits; marketing/promotion to the region and development of educational materials for local public and private schools.
•Provide administration of the Local Cultural Grants Program which includes development of materials as required by law; public notice to arts organizations who may qualify for funding; and technical assistance to emerging arts groups and organizations who are first-time applicants.
•Administer the Public Art Program on behalf of the Public Art Committee, Mesquite Arts Council Board of Directors and the City of Mesquite.
•Produce instrumental and vocal music concerts, theatrical events and festivals. Requires contracting with professionals and marketing/promotion of each event.
•Coordinate and present a summer art camp for children.
•Manage and participate in the development and administration of the Mesquite Arts Program budget for the Arts Council and Arts Center; forecast the funds needed for staffing, equipment materials, and supplies; monitor and approve expenditures; implement adjustments as necessary; prepare and present budget recommendations and financial reports to the City Council and Mesquite Arts Council Board of Directors.
•Provide timely, accurate and thorough Performance Reviews for supervised employees. Select, train, motivate and evaluate personnel; provide or coordinate staff training; work with employees to correct deficiencies; implement discipline and termination procedures as necessary.
•Coordinate arts facility usage; maintain schedule of events; execute contracts with interested parties; collect fees; monitor facility maintenance needs.
•Promote volunteerism in the arts; coordinate volunteer activities; train volunteers.
•Represent the Mesquite Arts Council at board meetings of various arts groups; represent the arts to external bodies such as the Chamber of Commerce, civic clubs and other local, state and national organizations. Participate in and act as the Arts Program’s representative in promotional activities and encourage good public relations.
•Respond to and resolve difficult and sensitive citizen inquiries and complaints.
•Coordinate Mesquite Arts Council Board of Directors meetings; coordinate location; prepare the Board agenda for approval by Board Chairperson; provide staff assistance to the Arts Council Board of Directors; prepare and present staff reports and other necessary correspondence; notify members of the meeting; prepare materials for use at the meeting.


•Bachelor’s degree in performing arts, fine arts, music or other related field or equivalent experience.

•Five years of increasingly responsible experience in arts program administration.

•Possession of a driver’s license.

•Varied hours and shifts including weekends.

REQUIRED TESTING: (only if interviewed)
•Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint


Website https://www.cityofmesquite.com/