Title Public Art RFP
Organization City of Smithville/Art in Public Places
Closing Date Friday, March 23, 2018
Location Smithville, Texas

Call for Artists: Smithville Art in Public Places

“Easy as ABC: Arts Bridging Community” program

Are you an artist interested in working in Smithville, Texas?

Do you have a great idea for visual art in a public location in Smithville?

We want to hear from you!

The City of Smithville/Smithville Public Library has recently received a grant awardrom the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) through the Our Town program. Through community participation in creating public art pieces, this arts/history project intends to connect neighborhoods and neighbors, strengthening relationships among a diverse population.

“Easy as ABC: Arts Bridging Community” is seeking artists for the design of public art pieces and for the guidance of community participants in the artistic creation and installation of art in public places (examples of public places are listed below; other publicly-owned sites may be considered, if submitted, but might require additional approval before proceeding).

Five (5) public art installations will be awarded a budget of $4,000 each (to cover materials and artists’ fees) and each project must meet the guidelines provided for acceptance. A jury of 3 to 5 judges will decide which artists receive the project acceptance. Artwork should be based on the ideas that have been expressed by the community in the previous “Imagination Picnics” (more information provided below).

Selected artists and designs will be announced at the Smithville Empty Bowl Event on April 14, 2018 at the First United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, 400 Olive.

Projects must be completely installed by November 18, 2018.

Art installations will be unveiled on December 1, 2018 during the Festival of Lights.

How to Apply
Interested applicants must prepare a proposal and submit it as a single PDF document. The proposal should be no more than 10 pages for all required elements. Proposals should include the following:
1. Letter of Interest (Required): A letter not to exceed two pages outlining the following:
a. Contact information including: name, address, email, and website (if applicable).
b. Your interest in this project and experience working on comparable projects.
c. A statement of conceptual approach to community engagement, including any preliminary ideas about how the community can participate in the creation and/or installation of this work of art.
d. A proposal of where this public work of art will be installed (if you have a preference) based on the community-generated list of public spaces listed below.
e. Materials to be used and how the artwork will be anchored at the location.
f. Approximate timeline (end date must be November 18).

2. Resume/Statement of Experience (Required). Include professional art experience, community engagement successes (if you have worked with the community before), and any relevant artistic training, design and experience in environmental design.

3. References (Required): A list of up to five (5) references with knowledge of your artwork and ability to install permanent public art and/or work with the community, including contact information (name, title, organization, mailing address, phone number, and email address), the name and location of the artwork (if relevant), and a brief description of the project. All references must have knowledge of the artist’s work and working methods.

4. Prior Work Samples (Required): Up to 10 images of 3 to 5 works from the artist’s standard portfolio.

5. Support Materials (Optional): A maximum of three (3) pieces of support materials, such as exhibition announcements, reviews, or newspaper clippings. Additional imagery/drawing/sketches are also acceptable. Not to exceed 5 pages for all support materials.

Remember, the key to all works of art included in this grant is how we bring our community together, breaking down barriers and creating new alliances to build a stronger community.

Please email a complete PDF file with the required components and images by March 23, 2018 to jbergeron@ci.smithville.tx.us and jstrube@ci.smithville.tx.us

Each electronic image must be at least 300 DPI and no more than 600 DPI (no larger than 3 by 5 inches). Maximum PDF file size: 10 MB (=10,000 KB)

Incomplete applications may be disqualified; please double check the list prior to submitting proposals.

Several of the locations that are available for consideration include:
– City Hall (inside or outside)
– The Smithville Recreation Center (inside or outside)
– Smithville Parks (www.ci.smithville.tx.us/city-departments/parks-and-rec/parks/) including:
– MLK Park
– Gazebo Park/Railroad Park
– Overlook Park, at the river end of Main Street
– Keilberg Park
– Veterans Memorial Park
– Independence Park
– Exterior of the Sewage Treatment Plant at SH-95 across from the Recreation Center

In our outreach to the community, these items have been expressed as important and may be helpful in developing your idea. Ultimately we are looking for public works that not only bring the community together in the creation process, but express community as a work of art.
– Train History
– Gingerbread Man and Local Icons
– Prominent People in Smithville History
– Historic Homes and Businesses
– Colorado River, It’s History and Recreational Use
– The Charm of Smithville as a Small Town

For more information about previous community engagement efforts, or other technical questions in regards to your proposal, please contact Clover Cochran at ABCSmithvilleTX@gmail.com.

We look forward to receiving your proposal and best of luck!

Website http://www.ci.smithville.tx.us/