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Sue Young

Sue Young

Bilingual storyteller Sue Young has delighted audiences at museums, festivals, schools, and libraries around Texas and the US since 1994. An accomplished singer and songwriter, she received a 2013 Texas Music Awards nomination for Female Vocalist of the Year. Her CD, The Legend of the Quetzal, received a 2007 Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award and she wrote the 2009 and 2011 Texas Summer Reading Club theme songs. Her interactive programs include Cantos Y Cuentos: Tales & Tunes of Latin America, a fun trip around Latin America through legends, folktales, traditional and original songs; ¡Viva México! Celebrate Mexico through songs and stories; Texican Tales and Tunes, cowboy songs, Mexican cantos, and stories showcasing the diverse cultural heritage of Texas. Sue offers an annual summer reading program tailored to the collaborative theme (and writes a song to go with the theme). Staff development sessions and workshops for adults, teens, and children are available, including Create Your Own Song, a songwriting workshop for 3rd graders through adults. Photo by Brenda Ladd.

Sue Young
PO Box 5786
Austin, TX  78763

phone 512-914-9553
e-mail sueyoungmusic@gmail.com
public performance/concert $250 - $1,200
school performance $250 - $1,200
workshop fees $250 - $1,000
travel/per diem/lodging $25 - $200
website https://www.sueyoungmusic.com


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