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Johnny Villarreal/The Edge of Imagination Station

Johnny Villarreal/The Edge of Imagination Station

Have you ever wanted to bring your art to life? Johnny Villarreal and the Edge of Imagination Station are here to help! With over ten years’ experience teaching in the community, Johnny has shown users of all ages, abilities, and skill levels how to create animated sequences and short stories. His workshops cover the basics of stop motion animation and topics such as storyboarding, character development, shot selection, audio recording, and post-production. All of Johnny’s stop motion animation workshops incorporate some mix of chalk, paper, clay, and miscellaneous objects. Available programs include a drop-in activity where participants learn the basics of stop motion animation and create their own animated sequences, a guided storytelling workshop where participants learn how to organize and narrate a short story, stop motion (plus) workshops where participants will learn about stop motion and incorporate additional processes and materials such as watercolor, cardboard sculpture, or special effects/post-production, promotional video production where teens in your community work together to create a promotional video for your organization, and creative content development workshop where you work with Johnny to plan and develop original creative content for your organization. Photo by Sweetleaf Photography.

Johnny Villarreal
PO Box 152965
Austin, TX  78715

phone 210-364-5123
e-mail johnny@theedgeofimaginationstation.com
public performance/concert $750 - $3,000
school performance $500 - $2,500
workshop fees $750 - $3,000
travel/per diem/lodging $150 - $1,000
website http://theedgeofimaginationstation.com/


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