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Lannaya Drum & Dance

Lannaya Drum & Dance

Intricate dance moves, thunderous live West African drumming, and vibrantly costumed performers transport audiences on a journey through Guinean rhythms and social dances! Lannaya is a nonprofit formed in 2000 and dedicated to exposing and educating audiences to authentic and progressive interpretations of drum and dance of the African diaspora. They’re committed to preserving vibrant cultural traditions through workshops and performances in schools, festivals, parties, receptions, and a host of special events. In the SuSu language of Guinea, Lannaya means 'confidence.' It's what they seek to convey through a variety of programming tailored per presenter, suitable for small/large audiences and diverse facilities, including Rhythm & Movement of West Africa. The interactive school show for grades K-12 complements STAAR and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills requirements by introducing music and dance vocabulary, authentic instruments, math, history, geography, & culture. Includes study guide, energetic dancing to live drumming, costumed performers, a brief history of dances and musical instruments, call/response songs. Drum and/or Dance Residency: multi-day or week, drum and/or dance intensive. Dances and traditional polyrhythmic music of west African countries like Guinea, Ghana, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, etc. Drum/Dance Workshops: instructional workshops ideal for the classroom, family, and other festive group activities. Drum and dance performances: traditional and innovative African diasporic rhythms. Photo by Kirk Marsh Photography.

Tonya Pennie
PO Box 40577
Austin, TX  78704

phone 855-526-6292 Ext. 2
e-mail Dance@Lannaya.org
public performance/concert $1,600 - $5,000
school performance $700 - $2,000
workshop fees $500 - $1,500
travel/per diem/lodging $0 - $4,000
website https://www.Lannaya.org


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