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Lannaya Drum & Dance

Lannaya Drum & Dance

Lannaya is a nonprofit organization formed in 2000. Their mission is to expose and educate audiences to authentic and progressive interpretations of drum & dance of the African diaspora. They are committed to preserving vibrant cultural traditions through workshops and performances in schools, festivals, parties, receptions, and a host of special events. In the SuSu language of Guinea, Lannaya means "confidence." It's what Lannaya seeks to express in their work and instill in audiences through a variety of programming tailored per presenter, suitable for small/large audiences and diverse facilities, including: Rhythm & Movement of West Africa - Interactive school show for grades K-12 (Complements STARR and TEKS requirements by introducing music and dance vocabulary, authentic instruments, math, history, geography, culture. Features energetic dancing to live drumming, vibrantly costumed performers, a brief history of musical instruments, and call/response songs.); Drum and/or Dance Residency - Introduction to movement, and traditional polyrhythmic music of West African countries like Guinea, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, etc.; Drum/Dance Workshops - Ideal for classroom, family, and other festive group activitie; Drum and dance performances - Traditional and innovative Guinean and diasporic rhythms. Photo by Kirk Marsh Photography.

Tonya Pennie
PO Box 40577
Austin, TX  78704

phone 855-526-6292
e-mail Dance@Lannaya.org
public performance/concert $1,600 - $4,600
school performance $700 - $2,000
workshop fees $500 - $1,200
travel/per diem/lodging $0 - $2,000
website https://lannaya.org/home/


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