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Flying Balalaika Brothers

Flying Balalaika Brothers

The band Flying Balalaika Brothers was founded in 1995 by guitar virtuoso Zhenya Rock. The band has featured Balkan, Ukrainian, Romany (Gypsy), Jewish, Russian, and Cossack folk music with crossovers into bluegrass and even country music. The group’s name comes from the uniquely shaped instrument known as the balalaika. A balalaika is a triangular-shaped instrument you can see in the photo of the band. Flying Balalaika Brothers successfully perform at festivals and present educational programs in three languages (English, Spanish and Russian). The cross-culture educational program includes musicians and dancer performing in native costumes. Presentations combine music performances with the exploration of sounds, rhythms, and cultural history of traditional Slavic folk instruments combined with traditional American instruments. The musical journey compares and contrasts the rich musical heritage and traditions of two cultures. The in-class workshops offer children a chance to touch and experience the musical instruments first hand. The band also has a special program, Application of STEM Standards with Music Concepts. In this program, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics applications are demonstrated by a musical presentation. Students can apply the information that they will learn through the presentation in classroom activities and problems. Photo by Katie Smith.

Nataly Rock
12320 Bainbridge
Austin, TX  78750

phone 512-962-8494
phone#2 832-317-8502
e-mail balalaikaunlimited@gmail.com
public performance/concert $500 - $7,000
school performance $300 - $2,000
workshop fees $100 - $1,500
travel/per diem/lodging $150 - $1,000
website http://www.flyingbalalaikabrothers.com


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