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Kamica King

Kamica King

Kamica King is a soul singer-songwriter known for her smooth vocals and acoustic stylings. With her eclectic blend of feel-good music, the classically trained vocalist has a knack for connecting to the heart of her audience, blending genres and weaving story and song together to inspire and uplift. She offers live solo performances and leads interactive workshops that can be adapted for a variety of audiences, ages, and ability levels. A musical storyteller, Kamica was one of only four artists featured by NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert creator Bob Boilen on Inside the Mind of Bob Boilen (2019) for her song 'Live, Love, Dream.' She has performed at the US Open, Carnegie Hall, in South Africa, and delivered a live music-infused TEDx talk entitled 'The Power of Song' at TEDxSMUWomen. Kamica’s workshops include songwriting, performance technique, stress management through music, and community programs designed to engage participants in creative expression and community building through group music-making experiences (drum circles, singing, songwriting). She is a City of Dallas Community Artist, board-certified music therapist, and founder/CEO of the music-based socio-emotional wellness company King Creative Arts Expressions. Additional performance styles include smooth jazz, neo-soul & hip-hop. Photo by Amy Hendricks Photography.

Kamica King
5606 SMU BLVD, Ste 601-254
Dallas, TX  75360

phone 214-267-9064
e-mail Booking@kamicaking.com
public performance/concert $500 - $2,000
school performance $500 - $2,000
workshop fees $500 - $3,000
travel/per diem/lodging $100 - $1,000
website http://www.KamicaKing.com


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