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Lucas Miller, the Singing Zoologist

Lucas Miller, the Singing Zoologist

Want to get your students excited about science? STEM and the arts go hand-in-hand in multimedia presentations by author, YouTuber, and 'singing zoologist,' Lucas Miller! Pre-K to 5th graders will laugh, sing and learn about wetlands, ocelots, monarch butterflies, metamorphosis, and much more through Lucas' creative blend of smart songwriting, hilarious puppetry, and dazzling animations. Perfect for elementary schools, libraries, and family concerts: kids love Miller's zany, unbridled enthusiasm, and adults love his focus on accurate, curriculum-related science. Each 45-55 minute presentation features several songs and stories that address a major science theme such as life cycles, adaptations, Texas ecosystems, and ocean ecology. Creative animations, videos, and images accompany the music and lessons to deepen understanding and keep the audience focused. Lucas earned a degree in zoology and has been touring Texas and the nation since 1994. He knows his biology and how to introduce kids to science in a way that leaves them excited and motivated. Look him up on YouTube to sample his work and then visit www.singingzoologist.com for all the details on bringing him to your school, library, theater, or other venues. Photo by Thomas Slanker.

Lucas Miller
12805 Winding Creek Rd.
Austin, TX  78736

phone 512-567-2626
e-mail jlucasmiller@gmail.com
public performance/concert $1,000 - $4,500
school performance $750 - $3,000
workshop fees $500 - $2,500
travel/per diem/lodging $25 - $1,500
website https://www.singingzoologist.com


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