Title Executive Director
Organization Fort Worth Youth Orchestra
Closing Date
Location Fort Worth, TX

The Executive Director is the key management leader of the Fort Worth Youth Orchestra (FWYO). The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing the administration, programs and strategic plan of the organization. Other key duties include fundraising, marketing, and community outreach. The position reports directly to the Board of Directors.

The Executive Director of the Fort Worth Youth Orchestra (FWYO) is responsible for the overall operations and activities of the organization and is responsible for ensuring that music education occurs in a safe and nurturing atmosphere and facility.


The duties and responsibilities of the Executive Director encompass the day-to-day operations of the FWYO and is the only full-time staff member. From an administrative standpoint the executive director is the “face of the Youth Orchestra”. The Executive Director is responsible for communication with staff, board members, the Executive Committee, and third parties interacting with the FWYO.

The presence of the Executive Director during Sunday and other major rehearsals is expected so that she/he knows both the students and the parents within the FWYO family.

The Executive Director has direct reports including a grant manager, a part-time bookkeeper, part-time office assistant, part-time alumni coordinator, and building maintenance staff.

The FWYO orchestra manager/librarian and stage manager also report to the Executive Director. The orchestra manager/librarian is responsible for coordination of the student attendance and payments for tuition, communication to students and parents, and organizing weekly rehearsals and performances.

The organization also has a music director who is responsible for the artistic programs of the Youth Orchestra with the artistic staff reporting to him.


Collaborate with the Music Director in the development and implementation of a master plan for the orchestra that supports the artistic, financial, and public relations objectives of the organization; ensure that the organization is effectively structured and staffed competently.

Develop and implement annual master plan for orchestra operations, including rehearsal schedules, local and out of town concerts, special events, broadcasts and audience development.

Assist the Music Director with auditions, selection of coaches, guest artists, contract negotiations, making sure all activities fall under the approved budget.

Negotiate and secure concert hall leases and other rehearsal space, making sure the proper equipment is available.


The Executive Director is responsible for the development activities for the FWYO and for making face-to-face contacts with donors, as well as keeping donors and alumni informed of the seasonal programs being presented by the FWYO.

The Executive Director needs to make donor appeals for funding and develop resources sufficient to ensure the financial health of the organization and to support the FWYO’s mission.

The Executive Director creates and manages a FWYO development plan for the year that includes quarterly donor requests, contributions, and annual and quarterly grant requests by organization and dollar amount.

The Executive Director successfully communicates the financial needs and educational successes of the FWYO with primary donors, foundations, and potential donors.


The Executive Director ensures that administrative staff is available during rehearsal periods on Sunday afternoons and various evenings throughout the week. The Executive Director should be present or be represented at all concerts and all Youth Orchestra events throughout the year.

The Executive Director serves as the primary conduit between administration and the artistic component of the FWYO. In the event of conflict or disagreement with the artistic staff, the Executive director should notify the President of the Board of Directors of such conflict.


The Executive Director is responsible for the fiscal integrity of the FWYO, and submits to the Board proposed annual budget and monthly financial statements, which accurately reflect the financial condition of the organization.

The Executive Director is responsible for fiscal management that generally anticipates operating within the approved budget, ensures maximum resource utilization, and maintenance of the organization in a positive financial position.


The Executive Director is responsible for leading the FWYO in a manner that supports and guides the organization’s mission as defined by the Board of Directors.

The Executive Director is responsible for communicating effectively with the Board and providing, in a timely and accurate manner, all information necessary for the Board to function properly and to make informed decisions.

The Executive Director communicates with committee chairs and reporting officers to ensure that accurate reports are presented at each Board meeting.

The Executive Director ensures that financial reports are provided through the end of the previous month and will be able to explain why expenses for the previous period or month are significantly higher or lower than budgeted expenses.

The executive Director implements decisions by the Executive Committee regarding hiring and compensation.

The Executive Director serves as the primary relationship manager between the FWYO organization and the FWYO Parents Guild and must be adept and responsive to the needs and concerns of the parents and students.

The Executive Director provides support and guidance to board members in developing budgets for the next fiscal year, including input regarding program changes, changes in personnel and contract workers.

The Executive Director provides recommendations to the Board for repairs and improvements to the building, updates on all rental agreements and management of those agreements, and supervises the building and tenants within the building. Supervision in this regard requires delegation of the actual day-to-day running of the building to a FWYO employee with specific instructions of the standards required for maintenance and support.

The Executive Director is responsible for strategic planning to ensure that the FWYO can successfully fulfill its Mission into the future and oversees and implements appropriate resources to ensure that the operations of the organization are appropriate.

The Executive Director works with the Executive Committee to schedule the times and days for the both the full board and Executive Committee for meetings including agendas and necessary supporting materials.

The Executive Director is responsible for signing all notes, agreements, and other instruments made and entered into and on behalf of the organization and Board of Directors.

The Executive Director reports to and works closely with the Board of Directors to seek their involvement in policy decisions, fundraising and to increase the overall visibility of the FWYO.

The Executive Director will assist the Board in establishing employment and administrative policies and procedures for all functions and for the day-to-day operation of the FWYO.


The Executive Director plans the FWYO administrative, educational and performance year including concert times, places, transportation and schedules, events and fundraisers. This planning must be completed in advance of the coming operational year.

The Executive Director coordinates with the artistic staff regarding the programs to be presented and communicates program content to all involved FWYO constituencies, including printing programs for concerts and other presentations.

The Executive Director develops a calendar for the year showing a schedule of the days and times on which various orchestras will rehearse, including rooms used for rehearsals.


The Executive Director develops a marketing program for the various needs of the organization, including the use of a donor, alumni and board database to record important information about our stakeholders with giving amounts and dates.

The Executive Director manages a marketing program that includes supervising a person or firm for ongoing improvements to the FWYO website, with the goal of using the website for news dissemination on a timely basis. The web site should articulate our mission, programs and goals, listing events for the year, listing board and staff members and methods for paying tuition and contributions, etc.

The Executive Director supervises outside professionals in developing marketing and advertising plans for FWYO programs occurring throughout the year. The plans should provide for community awareness of the programs the FWYO is presenting using as much social media as possible. This plan will also coordinate with relevant digital and print publications to secure listings for all performances and events for the FWYO.

The Executive Director is responsible for the enhancement of the FWYO’s image by being active and visible in the community and by working closely with other professional, civic and private organizations.

The executive Director serves as the FWYO’s primary spokesperson to the organization’s constituents, the media and the general public and establishes and maintains relationships with various organizations and utilizes those relationships to strategically enhance the FWYO’s mission.


The Successful Executive Director will possess the following:

o Some music education or exposure to music in order to appreciate music education and instruction.
o Successful experience in interfacing and resolving student, parent and faculty issues.
o The ability to communicate and synthesize the operations of the FWYO with the Executive Committee and Board of Directors and other arts organizations within the community.
o Experience in serving as a fund-raising liaison in order to work with donor base of the FWYO and to create and manage fund-raising activities.
o Experience in not-for-profit administration and management.
o Experience in understanding financial reports and budgeting.
o Strong time management skills and the ability to self-start and lead the programs of the FWYO.
o Experience in staff management and scheduling and all standard operational needs including answering and returning phone calls promptly.
o Demonstrated track record in not-for-profit fund raising.
o Transparent and high integrity leadership.
o Experience and skill in working with a Board of Directors.
o High level strategic thinking and planning. Ability to envision and convey the organization’s strategic future to the staff, board, volunteers and donors.
o Ability to effectively communicate the organization’s mission to donors, volunteers and the overall community.
o Demonstrated ability to oversee and collaborate with staff.
o A history of successfully generating new revenue streams and improving financial results.
o Active fundraising experience. Excellent donor-relations skills and understanding of the funding community.
o Previous success in establishing relationships with individuals and organizations of influence including funders, partner agencies and volunteers.
o Solid organizational abilities, including planning, delegating, program development and task facilitation.
o Strong financial management skills, including budget preparation, analysis, decision making and reporting.
o Strong written and oral communication skills.
o Strong public speaking ability.
o Strong work ethic with a high degree of energy.

To apply, submit résumé, cover letter indicating interest and qualifications for the position, and names & contact information for three references to orchestra@fwyo.org – review of applications will begin on September 21, 2020, and the position will remain open until filled.

Website https://www.fwyo.org/