Title Large-scale Mural
Organization Holy Cross Family Practice
Closing Date
Location San Antonio, TX

We are a local family practice medical clinic that has been in operation on the west side of San Antonio for around 30 years. Our project is still in the concept phase, but the general idea would be for the project to be related to medicine and related to our community; while we would definitely want it to be obvious that we are a family practice medical care clinic, we also would like it to have an uplifting message and think it could be fun to incorporate some references to remedies that local culture utilizes. The owner himself has spent almost 40 years specifically in this community and also provides care to the clergy from Assumption Seminary. He is passionate about this community and so he would like to make sure that anything we do reflects a passion for this area.

Because it is such a large area, we have not even decided the exact size and scope of the project; it could be one large continuous work or broken up into sections to be completed by multiple artists.

Location: 1511 Bandera Rd., San Antonio, TX 78228