Title Mural Project Call for Proposals
Organization Kerrville Urban Trails System
Closing Date Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Location Kerrville, Texas

Background: Over the last three years, a community buzz has been developing on Clay Street, feeding vibrant and robust commercial and social activity in that sector of Kerrville. In response, a group of business owners and City leadership developed a project called the Kerrville Urban Trail System (KUTS). KUTS is a non-profit organization that promotes walkability and community vibrancy and cohesion among businesses and people through a system of independent walking/biking trails
districts throughout Kerrville.

KUTS Public Art Mural Project is dedicated to fostering community collaborations and partnerships. Establishing a visual public presence with a mural demonstrates our commitment to renewal and growth in our neighborhood.

Artist Eligibility: Any professional artist or team of artists interested in creating a two dimensional mural. Please complete a proposal in accordance with the guidelines provided below.

• Create a piece of public art for an outdoor environment that inspires thought and wonder.
• Conveys a specific idea of the distinctive nature of Kerrville.
• Engage our local artist community including, but not limited to, volunteer participation, meet the artist opportunities, workshops, demonstrations, etc.
• Select a dedicated and qualified artist or artist team that can demonstrate artistic excellence while completing this project on time and within budget.
• Provides photo opportunities for visitors and locals to help develop and preserve a positive memory of their experience in Kerrville through a tangible image.
• Transforming this roadside space into an art form; increasing public awareness of art, and broadening visitors’ perspectives of public spaces within the City.

The rolling hills, clean air, spring fed waters of the Guadalupe, the plants and animals that utilize these same resources, cultural resources, and the historic and modern uses of this land, all contribute to the creation of a town of unique character. Both the challenges and rewards that the physical features of our land present to us contribute to our identity.

The goal of the Mural Project is not to confine creative endeavors into rigidly defined parameters, but to provide a meaningful and connective medium for the community of Kerrville.

Location Located at 212 Clay Street Kerrville, Texas 78028. The building is located at the intersection of Water and Clay streets. The area designated for this mural is the wall facing what will be the newly renovated Kerr County Historical Center. The Center is also the site of a weekly farmer’s market and the start of the Kerrville Urban Trail System on Clay South.

Mural Wall Details:
The surface is brick, currently covered in stucco. The total height of the wall is 18ft and the total length is 65 feet. For a picture of the wall please email

Application Requirements
• A narrative and color design illustrating the concept is required for each submission. Include supplemental information such as medium, timeline for completion, and approximate dimensions of the proposed mural.
• All components must be in digital format.
• A project budget is required. The budget is inclusive of all costs associated with the design, planning, fabrication, installation, and completion of the project. The budget includes all travel-related expenses, and all other associated costs.
• Digital Images: 3 digital images of previously completed artwork. Include date, size, location, and description of work.
• Resume or CV detailing professional artistic accomplishments from past public art projects.
• Recommended future maintenance plan. (Indicate recommended routine surface inspections, surface cleaning, or additional coats of protective paint.)
• The submission deadline is June 30, 2020. MAY BE AMENDED DUE TO CURRENT COVID-19 GUIDLEINES.

Selection Information:
The Art Committee of KUTS will select an artist or artist team for this project based on the application materials and letter of interest.

Artists will retain the ownership of design ideas submitted with this application until a selection has been made and contract signed between the artist and KUTS. At the time a contract is awarded, the ownership of the design and the artwork produced, in this case the public art mural project, will become the property of the KUTS.
All questions regarding this request for qualifications are to be directed to kerrvilleurbantrailsystem@gmail.com .

Website https://kerrvilleurbantrailsystem.org/