Title RFP: Outdoor Mural
Organization Seismique
Closing Date Wednesday, April 21, 2021
Location Houston, TX

HOUSTON – Seismique (seis • mick) – a 40,000-square-foot art-fueled experiential museum on Houston’s west side at 2306 South Highway 6 – is again seeking to enlist the creative contributions of local and regional artists who wish to be part of a new outdoor mural project that will transform the immersive space’s outward-facing external wall – which buttresses an open field – into a multi-faceted artistic vision designed to further augment the totality of the Seismique experience.

“The response to Seismique since opening our doors to the public in December of last year has been tremendous, and we are ecstatic that Houstonians and visitors alike have embraced the concept so enthusiastically” emphasized Seismique Co-Founder Josh Corley. He added, “That being said, we are always looking to innovate with new inventive elements. This mural project allows us to do just that while also continuing to give local artists an outlet for both creativity and financial gain. We look forward to again receiving thoughtful submissions and have no doubt that the response will be as fruitful as when we put out our first call for artists over a year ago.”

Each muralist selected will be able to play with a canvas that is 43’ wide by 28’ tall. No theme is required to submit an idea to be selected to participate in the project, which will pay each artist $5,000 for successful completion of their portion of the mural. As part of the project, Seismique will approve and pay for materials needed by each artist. Submission criteria is as follows:

• Visit https://seismique.com/artists-application/ in order to apply.
• Mural design proposal and description should be included on each submission.
• Each applying artist should provide upcoming availability in order to complete their mural.
• Applications must be received by April 21; submissions received after the deadline will be considered,
but preference will be given to those received by 4/21.
• All murals must be completed no later than June 30.
• Questions may be sent to creative@seismique.com.

Website https://seismique.com/