The Texas Arts Plan

Arts Respond - Cultural District Project

Eligibility: TCA Cultural Districts; VERIFIED College Arts Institution, Established Arts Organizations, Established Arts Organizations of Color, Government Local Arts Agencies, Local Arts Agencies, Rural Arts Providers located within a TCA Designated Cultural District

Intent: Projects that use the arts to diversify local economies, generate revenue, and attract visitors and investment.

This competitive grant program provides project assistance grants on a short-term basis and may include administrative costs directly related to the project.

This program is designed for projects that focus on significant cultural tourism projects. These projects should serve at least one of the following:

  • High quality arts programming that will attract a significant number of visitors from 50 miles or more outside the community (i.e., blockbuster art exhibitions, national or regional premieres, major festivals)

  • Enhancements to the cultural district to make it more accessible, attractive, cohesive-looking, and safe for visitors

  • Improved signage and wayfinding for the district

  • Promotion of the district; this may include the districtís website, branding, and marketing

  • Organizational support for the management and operations of the district (TCA Cultural District only)

These grants may include capital improvements.

Grant Type: Annual
Application Limit: Organizations may submit one application per deadline.
Minimum Request: $3,000
Maximum Request: 50% of project budget, not to exceed $250,000
Match Requirement: dollar for dollar (1:1)
Application Deadline: June 15 for projects beginning September 1 through Aug. 31
Attachments Deadline: June15
Criteria: see Application Review Criteria
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