‘The Rhythm of our Humanity.’ Arte y Pasion, led by dancer and artistic director Tamara Adira, is a Texas 501(c)(3) company known for pushing the boundaries of flamenco and Spanish dance, and one of the most contemporary Spanish dance companies in the United States, whose mission is to share, promote, and develop the authentic art of flamenco as a vehicle of healing and restoration, and the promotion of human rights and equality. The vision of Arte y Pasion is to foster the continued growth, learning and evolution of the art of flamenco in San Antonio and greater Texas. The company does this through programs such as avant-garde performance and exploration, cultural exchange and mentorship between Spain and the US, and flamenco for the restoration of the individual. While the company is scalable from group to solo performances traditionally in dance, guitar, and singing, Arte y Pasion is known for weaving into its artistic vocabulary disciplines such as spoken word, performance art, and contemporary movement to generate juxtapositions and contrasts. The result of the work is flamenco and performance art with a message, imbuing the work with meaning and human significance. Photo by Miguel Flores Photography.

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Folk Arts

Contact name

Tamara Adira De Saa

Contact address

14011 Parksite Woods San Antonio TX 78249

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Public Performance

$900 – $3, 600

School performance

$700 – $2, 700

Workshop fees

$900 – $2, 700

Travel per diem lodging

$0 – $3, 600


San Antonio


Special audiences

Festivals, People with disabilities, Schools, Seniors

School audiences

Elementary, High, Middle

Venue size

Larger, Medium, Smaller

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