The plays were amazing! My students were totally engaged,’ Ms. Ortiz, Ridgetop Elementary. ‘It’s really cool how we talked to the characters and got to act,’ 7th grader, Ojeda Middle School. Since 1997, Creative Action has delivered Interactive theater programs for preK-7th grade that offer an immersive classroom experience through role play, characters, puppets, song and movement. Through engaging, multi-day residencies performed by professional actor-teachers, students develop age-appropriate academic, social, and emotional learning skills, including conflict resolution, bullying prevention, leadership, and empathy. Annually, they visit 500+ central Texas classrooms and engage 10,000+ youth. Each grade-level specific performance unfolds over four consecutive days, with a fifth follow-up session 3-6 weeks later. Examples: The Heroes/Los Hero√©s (1st) is a bilingual performance in which students take a journey from Barton Springs to Costa Rica to Mt. Kilimanjaro to discover the four steps to peace; The Courage to Stand (4th) explores historical acts of courage from the Civil Rights Era and the Holocaust as students become courageous bystanders; Crossing the Line (6th-7th) addresses consent as characters navigate social media bullying and harassment. They also provide extension activities, parent workshops, professional development, and community events to deepen program impact and build inclusive school communities. Photo by Creative Action.

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Contact name

Lynn Hoare

Contact address

1023 Springdale Road Bldg. 3 Suite A Austin TX 78721

Phone 1

512-442-8773 Ext. 122

Phone 2

512-442-8773 x128


Public performance
School performance

$300 – $600

Workshop fees

$60 – $720

Travel per diem lodging

$0 – $600




Special audiences

Libraries, Schools

School audiences

Elementary, Middle, Pre-K

Venue size


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