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Take a deep breath...we are here to help you! First, see if the problem you are encountering is mentioned in the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions (Click on a question to jump to the answer.)
  1. I keep losing the data I entered before on a previous session. Where did it go?
  2. I keep losing my session connection while I'm working on my application. Why?
  3. I keep getting kicked out to the loggon screen. Why?
  4. I want to change my password or email address on my account. How do I do this?
  5. I want a blank copy of an application form--how do I get one?
  6. Using multiple browsers, I have more than one application open simultaneously. What do I need to know about?

Other Help
If you're question has not been addressed above, please contact us so we can assist you!

Via Email
Send an email directly to TCA at webapp@arts.texas.gov. Please be specific; indicate what you are trying to do in the application, what type of problem you are having, and if applicable, the text of any error message that appeared.

Other Ways to Contact TCA
You can find our office hours of operation, telephone numbers, etc. on the Contact Us page. We are here to help!

Frequently Sought Answers

  • Losing Your Work. There are two common causes for this.
    1. Not Capturing. If you do not click on the "Capture This Information" button at the bottom of the page before moving to another section, your data will not be saved. You can change data over and over until you submit the form, but unsaved data is lost.
    2. Starting New Applications. If you are returning to your account to work on an application you started before, DO NOT use the drop down menu. Instead kook below that menu and find the working application you started and edit it.
  • Losing Your Session Connection.
  • Timeout. Internet sessions can be timed out for a variety of reasons. If your session appears to be inactive, (meaning you haven't clicked anything), you are likely to be timed out. You will keep the connection active by clicking on a button or link periodically throughout your session.
  • I keep getting kicked out to the loggon screen.
  • If your session gets confused, this can occur. To rememdy this, shut down your browser entirely and restart it. When you loggon, your session should be restored.
  • I want to update my account password or email address.
  • TCA requires that the Executive Director (or equivalent) of each organization authorize changes to the online account. They can either phone our offices or email us with any changes requested.
  • To obtain a blank form, go to the starting menu: from your customized list of grant programs, select appropriate program and select the "Go to Print Menu" on the left navigation bar. You can either print the form from your browser or save a pdf copy. Remember, you will need to enter this data into the online form.
  • When viewing multiple applications simultaneously there are some things to keep in mind.
    First, there is no problem if you and a co-worker want to work on separate applications simultaneously using separate computers and browsers. Even though you may have logged in under the same organization, the TCA Grant Application system identifies each of you. However, if you work on the same application, you could over-write each others work. This is no different than two people working on the same application at different times: the last changes saved are the changes that count.


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