Texas Commission on the Arts

Arts Create 2-5

(Due March 15 of odd-numbered years - Postmark)

Please submit these attachments (do not place tabs or bind attachments into a notebook or folder):

  1. Audiovisual material telling the story of your narrative in images; providing an overview of your institution and your programs. (see AV instructions and tips)

  2. Publications and printed materials produced by your organization that represent and support the work of your institution and your programs. This may include catalogs, education materials, program books, anthologies, etc. Do not send copies of newspaper coverage of your events or programs.

  3. Copy of your most recent IRS Letter of Determination

Grant evaluators will only consider the audiovisual materials and the printed materials referenced above. Letters of support and other materials received from applicants outside of the categories mentioned above will be disregarded and not given to evaluators.


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