Texas Commission on the Arts

Cultural District Projects

(Due on Grant Deadline)

Please upload these attachments:

  1. Letter from the Cultural District Management (this is the organization that applied to TCA for Cultural District Designation)
    a. Endorsing your project
    b. Defining their role in promoting, marketing, or advancing your project

  2. Audiovisual material that will help evaluators visualize your project. We recommend a 4 minute powerpoint that covers the following:
    • Brief overview of your Cultural District.

    • Brief overview of your institution, your programs, and the community your serve.

    • Explanation of the project including artistic quality (use photographs, renderings, embed audio/visual files, links to online videos keeping the timeframe in mind)

    • Marketing and promotion plan and partners

    • How you will capture statistical data on visitorship from people 50 miles+ outside your community

  3. Copy of your most recent IRS Letter of Determination

Grant evaluators will only consider the materials referenced above. Any other materials received from applicants outside of the categories mentioned above will be disregarded and not given to evaluators.


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