Texas Commission on the Arts

Arts Respond Project

(Due on Grant Deadline)

Please upload these attachments:

  1. Copy of your most recent IRS Letter of Determination
  2. No more than three (3) letters of support (optional but strongly recommended)

The letters of support do not have any specific rules, but they are important to your application. They should have some direct connection to the application and the project you are seeking funding for, however they may not be staff or board members of the applicant organization. These letters should be on the stationary of the organization or business that the support letter is from.

Here are a few tips:

  • The letter should be addressed to the TCA - Arts Respond Evaluation Panel.
  • The writer of the letter should introduce him or herself and describe the relationship they have with the applicant.
  • The writer should voice his or her support of the particular project that the application is applying for and why.
  • Give an idea about what benefits, impacts or gains the successful project will bring about.
  • The letter should to be dated within the last year.

Grant evaluators will only consider the materials referenced above. Other materials received from applicants outside of the categories mentioned above will be disregarded and not given to evaluators. There is no audiovisual material for this category.


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