Title Public Art RFP: Athletic Dining Facility
Organization Texas Tech University System
Closing Date Wednesday, October 24, 2018
Location Lubbock, TX

RFQ – Public Art for TTU Athletic Dining Facility

The Texas Tech University System seeks to commission a professional artist(s) to create site-specific sculpture(s) or installation to be placed at the Athletic Dining Facility, located on the Texas Tech University campus in Lubbock, TX. The artist has the option to present a concept for either an interior or exterior piece. Construction of the facility will be completed by July 2019.

The interior option calls for interested artists to create an architectural art glass window to be located above the main entryway (see renderings in the additional resources). This glass will receive direct sunlight and should be visible to exterior passersby and users of the building. Use of color is highly encouraged.

The exterior option calls for sculptural seating to create a gathering space for passersby and users of the building. Mosaic tile or other colorful media is highly encouraged.

The Athletic Dining Facility will serve the nutritional needs of approximately 400 student athletes. The facility will include multiple dining environments, educational kitchen, and a full-service kitchen. The new facility will be located near Jones AT&T Stadium, the Frazier Alumni Pavilion, and Dan Law Field at Rip Griffin Park and will be a very high-traffic area.

Safety is imperative; durable, low-maintenance materials are recommended to withstand West Texas’ intense weather conditions. As this facility will be in use for student athletes and could be used as a recruitment tool, ideal submissions should reflect the spirit of Texas Tech University. School colors are red and black and should be utilized, as well as artistic representations of symbols related to TTU school spirit.

In order to be considered, submissions must comply with the requirements outlined in the RFQ. Objects that are mass-produced or of standard manufacture are not eligible for consideration.

Selected finalists will receive a stipend of $2000 for travel and design fees following the submission and presentation of a Design Proposal and a model.

Budget: $46,000

Application Deadline: October 24, 2018 at 3 p.m. (central)

Apply online here: https://www.publicartist.org/call.cfm?id=2023

Website https://www.ttu.edu/