National Map

Every state and US Territory has a State Arts Agency, like the Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA).  The states are divided into six regions.  Each of the regions is served by a Regional Arts Organizations:

The Regional Arts Organizations encourage arts activities on a regional basis, facilitating resource sharing and leveraging the assets of the member states. The Regional Arts Organizations also work with one another to coordinate arts initiatives on national and international levels.

TCA pays an annual subscription fee to enable Texas to participate in Mid-America Arts Alliance programs. Arts and cultural organizations in Texas reap the benefit.

Mid-America Arts Alliance offers:
-grants to Texas organizations
-discounted rates on ExhibitsUSA touring exhibitions
-a roster Texas performing artists can join to tour outside of Texas
-a roster of performing artists from the other regional states that can tour in Texas
-professional development opportunities
-membership to Fractured Atlas

Each of the Regional Arts Organizations offer different services, so even if though Texas is served by Mid-America Arts Alliance, the products, resources, and services of the other regional arts organizations may be of value and interest to arts organizations and artists.  Grant funding will only be available for Texas organizations through the Mid-America Arts Alliance.

The system of Regional Arts Organizations was established by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA).  Regional Arts Organizations are supported by the NEA and the member State Arts Agencies.