Texas Commission on the Arts does not provides grants to for-profits. We regularly receive requests about business start up grants, loans, and financing, so we have compiled a list of resources that we hope is helpful.

Government programs:


Texas Department of Agriculture – Grants  (many opportunities are NOT related to agriculture)

Texas Parks and Wildlife  – Land Acquisition for Parks

Texas Wide Open for Business – Grants and Funding Programs

Texas Wide Open for Business – Financing and Incentives

Texas Wide Open for Business- Small Business

 State and Federal

Search for loan, and financing on the state and federal level

Search for grants on the state and federal level


Don’t overlook opportunities at the county or city level in your community


This tool lets you see which banks in your community are most likely to make loans.

Credit unions are easy to join and often make small business loans. This site lets you find the credit unions in your community and view their financials and services.

Get the right license, permit, and paperwork for doing business in Texas.

Establish a favorable bank rating for your small business using this information.

To get a small business loan, you will need a business plan.  This site offers an online business plan generator.

A source of demographic data for Texas that may be useful for your business plan.

For-Profit versus Non-Profit:

Texas Accountants and Lawyers for the Arts can help you weigh the differences between becoming a non-profit or for-profit arts business.

A fairly new business structure to consider is L3C (Low-Profit Limited Liability Company).  They can be set up in just a few days.

The Wallace Foundation offers some online training and information on nonprofit financial management.

Private Foundation Support:

One of the best ways to research foundations that might support your project is to visit one of the 23 Foundation Libraries in Texas. You will want to make an appointment before visiting the first time and provide the librarian with as much information about your organization and project as possible in advance.  To find the library closest to you, look this map.

Crowd funding or crowdsourcing:

Peer-to-peer online solicitation is being experimented with as a funding mechanism for creative work. These various websites will have different terms and conditions (e.g., if your goal is not met, no pledges will be collected; some take a percentage of the dollars raised; some require the pledges receive a special edition download), so read the fine print and find the one that is right for you.

Artist Share

Start-up Funding
1000 Angels


Nonprofit organizations providing small business loans to individuals and startups. These various websites will have different terms and focus for their services.

Accion USA
Project Enterprise
Microfinance Gateway