As of summer 2021, TCA has a new grants system and we’re excited to share it with you.

If you had an account in the old system, user IDs and passwords were not moved over to the new system. With the new system, individuals have their own accounts, using their email address as the log-in, and a password of their choosing.

Plan ahead! Make sure you have an account well before an application deadline!

To access your account, or to get set up for an account, go to the log-in page here:  You will see options for resetting your password or requesting a new account. Make sure your IT administration knows to accept emails from this URL:

Accounts can be used to apply on behalf of Texas nonprofits, colleges/universities, and units of government, including schools, libraries, and municipalities. TCA does not provide grants to individuals or entities that do not have nonprofit/governmental designation.

If you are a college or university department we will want to talk to someone from the office that coordinates development/fundraising activities for the university (i.e., Office of Sponsored Projects or Office of Research & Development). Know that these accounts take a little longer to establish, so plan ahead.

Call TCA at 512-463-5535 or 800-252-9415 or email if you need help signing up for your account.