Process for Filing Complaints & Feedback

TCA welcomes feedback on our staff and services.

Complaints are taken very seriously. TCA maintains a complaint procedure to ensure customers are assisted in the most efficient manner possible. All complaints are directed to the office of the Deputy Director. If the complaint cannot be handled over the phone, TCA encourages the customer to put it in writing and assures them that they will have a response within 3 days.  TCA utilizes the alternative dispute resolution procedures when appropriate.

The Commission Customer Relations Representatives are:

Gary Gibbs, Executive Director

Cynthia Gray, Program Assistant


Appeals Process for Grants & Applications

Applicants who believe their proposals for funding or approval were rejected for the following two reasons may appeal to the Commission for reconsideration using the TCA appeal form:

  1. influence of evaluation panel or Commissioners who willfully failed to disclose conflicts of interest; or
  2. provision of incorrect information by the TCA staff or evaluators at the time of voting, despite the presence of the correct information as part of the original application.

The applicant must be able to show a link between one of these circumstances and a low score or rating and/or negative panel comment. Failure to submit a complete application by the deadline does not constitute grounds for an appeal. Dissatisfaction with the denial of a grant or with the amount of the grant is an insufficient reason for appeal.

Appeals must be presented through the appeal form to the Deputy Director. The deadline for appeals is one week prior to the quarterly Commission meeting where the application under appeal will be considered. All appeals will be presented to the Commission for their consideration. The applicant will be notified after the Commissioners’ final decision.

All decisions of the Commission are final.


TCA welcomes visitors to our offices located at:

920 Colorado, 5th Floor
E.O. Thompson Bldg.
Austin, TX 78711

PO Box 13406
Austin, TX 78711-3406

The Texas Commission on the Arts is open Monday – Friday and can be reached from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.



Dana Douglass Swann is our ADA Coordinator and can be reached at 512-936-6570 or  We are happy to make accommodations for people with disabilities. Please notify us as early as possible.