The TCA logo is provided below to assist grantees and other associated organizations to acknowledge Commission support and collaboration in print and on-line publications.

Logos are offered in four different formats for your publications:

  • GIF – Best format for online and World Wide Web use.
  • TIF/EPS/AI – Best formats for use in print materials.
Logo in All Available Formats

A complete package of all variations of the TCA logo for both print and web may be downloaded in a single ZIP file for convenience. (3.5 MB)

Single zip file with the State Cultural District logo in many different file formats (1.1 Mb)

Images for WWW

To download, right click on the image or hold the Ctrl key and click to save the file to your hard drive.   These images are for web use only and will not work well in print.
TCA vertical logo

TCA vertical logo with tagline
TCA horizontal in blue

TCA horizontal with tagline in blue
Gary Gibbs, Ph.D.

Gary Gibbs, Ph.D.
Executive Director

Dale Brock