TCA’s Arts Respond Performance Support Program

1. Select the artist(s) you want to work with from the roster.

2. Contact the artist or their management to discuss the work they’ll do for you, the date(s), and the fee you will pay them. Their fee can vary depending on what you want and how far you are from their home base.

3. If you want to apply for TCA support for this activity and need help getting started, contact TCA. Work ahead of the appropriate deadline, as shown here.

4. Get a contract or a letter of agreement between your organization and the artist (can be issued by the artist/their management or by your organization).

5. Fill out the Performance Support application, attaching the fully signed contract/letter of agreement, and submit the application by the deadline.

6. TCA will send an update two weeks after the deadline.

7. Grant recipients are required to complete an online report with financial documentation after the activity ends.