Title Call for Videos: Artist Hands
Organization R & Company
Closing Date
Location Online

The aspiration of WITH OUR HANDS is to weave together the diverse community of object makers in America, deepening the dialogue around the handmade arts. Facilitated by the power of social media, this campaign seeks to unite creators across the country to claim their medium, share their practice and find community.

We are asking glassblowers, ceramicists, wood carvers, weavers, metalworkers, and those exploring new materials, to submit 15-second videos of their hands in action, showing what they make and explaining why they make it.

The goal? Celebrate our nation’s creativity; help people to see, be seen, and break the silos among disciplines, large cities and small towns, big shots and young students.

We invite you to submit a video, follow @objects_usa on Instagram and TikTok, and spread the word amongst your community, encouraging participation in and contribution to the movement.

WITH OUR HANDS is an exciting initiative that is part of our current exhibition, OBJECTS: USA 2020. OUSA 2020 surveys American handmade arts through a curated selection of 100 artists, including 50 of today’s most impactful contemporary makers and 50 historical artists from the 1969 Objects: USA exhibition.

Direct questions to: kaela@r-and-company.com

Website https://www.r-and-company.com/