Title Public Art RFQ- Muralists
Organization asadena Economic Development Corporation
Closing Date Friday, December 4, 2020
Location Pasadena, TX

Request for Qualifications- Muralists

Project Summary
Pasadena’s Shaw Street was a vibrant center for social activity and commerce. Though, as is the story in many Cities, it became desolate and blighted due to the installation of the route 225 highway. The highway, while serving its purpose for the region to carry thousands of vehicles, had the unintended consequences of cutting off that vibrant center from the rest of the City. With that, the tone and trajectory of the area changed. With heavy industry in the backyard, coupled with less on-street visibility and difficulty enticing shoppers to traverse the freeway access road, the area settled as a quiet industrial fringe. Many commercial buildings were vacated and boarded up, truck yards set up shop, and a few light industry businesses took up in the inexpensive space. Not everyone left though. Despite the highway, despite the saturation of light industry, despite the benign state of the buildings and the sleepiness of the neighborhood- locals are committed and ready for change. Change that restores vibrancy and encourages creative uses of vacant buildings.
The City’s economic development office is focusing on achieving two widely held community priorities: 1) enhance the visual appeal of the City & build a community identity and 2) reinvigorate the Shaw Avenue area north of 225. To achieve this, resources have been allocated to select infrastructure improvements and removing barriers to develop creative infill and adaptive reuse projects in the City’s northside. Working with a small group of committed private building owners in the Shaw District, the partnership agreed to initiate a mural project as a second phase to revitalize the area. The theme for the project /murals is “Revive/Revival”.

Budget Description
The artists that are selected to move to the short-list will be given a stipend of $350 to create a design concept.
Upon selection and agreement to create a mural, the artists will submit final budget. The budget for an individual mural is not exceed $10,000.
The budget shall include the artist fees for artists’ engagements with the community/building owner, installation, travel, lodging, and meals. Depending on the site, the artist may also be compensated to rent the necessary equipment to execute the mural.


Post RFQ: October 28, 2020
Collect Responses: December 4, 2020
Panel Review: December 7-11, 2020
Have a Shortlist of Artists: December 14, 2020
Invite the shortlist to design concepts based on theme: December 14, 2020
Artists submit concepts: December 18, 2020
Panel reviews and selects final artists to work with: January 4, 2021
Artist is paired with a Wall/Building/Site: Week of January 11, 2021
Murals must be completed before December 2021.

• Professional mural artists over 18, Texas residents, and legally able to work onsite in the United States.

Application Requirements
• Artist Biography or Resume (2-pages max, per artist)
• Technical Experience Statement- Clearly describe your related experience creating public murals (2 pages max)
• Body of Work Samples (Up to 20 images may be submitted)
• Online & Social Media Profiles (Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok)

Note: Artists may apply in teams. All members of a team must be Texas residents. Artists applying in teams must split the allotted number of work samples between themselves. Selection of Short List based on: (50%) Artistic Merit & Creative Capacity • Artistic merit and overall strength of the artist’s or artist’s team’s body of work. • Creative capacity to innovate and originality as demonstrated in past projects. (40%) Applied Experience & Proficiency • Level of demonstrated professional and artistic excellence in public art projects and capability to propose and create artworks for the built environment, or equivalent. • Design and construction proficiency. • Ability to meet requirements, including project schedules and budget constraints. (10%) Experience Working with Community • Knowledge and experience engaging community culture and history. • Active participation in community arts and cultural programs. • Artistic leadership in civic and neighborhood revitalization. Shortlisted Artist- Design Competition Artists will be tasked to render up to two (2) concepts. The Concepts will be evaluated by the same panel based on: • Overall creativity & interpretation of the theme. • Suitability of the work for outdoor display, including its overall durability or longevity. • Relationship of the work to the site and the community, especially how it serves to activate or enhance the space or public surroundings. • Appropriateness of the scale of the artwork. • Budget

Contact Sheena Salvino, Redevelopment Manager, Pasadena Economic Development Corporation ssalvino@pasadenaedc.com | 713.920.7967

Website https://www.pasadenaedc.com/