The nominating committee is the key to the success of your organization. The people the committee selects for your board will influence every key decision your organization makes in the years ahead.

The nominating committee is no longer the cushy, two-hour per year assignment where you get on the phone and draft anyone who will say yes to serving on your board. In fact, the nominating committee must be a standing committee that functions all year to recruit appropriate, talented board members.

Who Should Be On The Committee?
To recruit the right people, the nominating committee has to know what skills the board needs. So, the committee should be made up of veteran board members plus 1 or 2 non-board members, familiar with the organization.

Make sure your administrator is part of the committee. They have contacts throughout the community and will have a good knowledge of potential board members. Your administrator will also be working closely with future board members and should have a voice in the nominating process.

Where Does The Nominating Committee Start?
Right after the annual election of new board members! It’s never too early to look for prospective nominees for next year. Remember, your job is not to just fill seats around the table. Your committee is charged with improving your board by finding just the right people with just the right talents and skills you need.

From the Missouri Association of Community Arts Agencies
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