Asleep at the Wheel started in 1970 with three friends: Ray Benson, Lucky Oceans and Leroy Preston. Reuters wrote, ‘They’re one of the best lives acts in the business.’ Asleep at the Wheel have been the chief practitioners, conspirators, and caretakers of western swing, carrying the torch lit by Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys well into the 21st century. Their bearing of the western swing torch has yielded three Bob Wills tribute albums. Since inception, Asleep at the Wheel have received 10 GRAMMY¬Æ Awards. Asleep at the Wheel have demonstrated convincingly that they are more relevant, enjoyable, and musically nimble now than at any time in their 50-year history. The 6’7′ Ray Benson has been the one constant in Asleep at the Wheel since 1970. He notes, ‘I’ve been told that I’m relentless, so I guess I am- I’m just doing what I believe I’m meant to do- I’m singing and playing and writing better than I ever have. I’ve made it this far and don’t feel like I or the band will be slowing down anytime soon.’ Programs: Symphony Show, On Stage and Screen, Merry Texas Christmas Y’all, Texas Dance Hall Tour. Photo by Mike Shore.

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Sam Seifert

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PO Box 463 Austin TX 78767

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Public performance

$12500 – $25000

School performance
Workshop fees
Travel per diem lodging

$1000 – $2000




Special audiences

Festivals, People with disabilities, Seniors

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Larger, Medium, Very Large

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