Corporation or businesses that provide major funding to underwrite an event can be recognized with all or some of the following:


  • Corporate logo on all event ticket envelopes
  • Corporate logo recognition as supporter on all print advertisements
  • Corporate logo recognition as supporter on direct mail pieces and poster (distributed throughout the community)
  • Recognition as supporter in all regional and national press releases for the program or event
  • Corporate logo recognition in program


  • Company mentioned as supporter in all radio advertisements for program or activity


  • Color corporate logo recognition as supporter on prominent signage displayed at the activity or event


  • Corporate logo recognition as supporter on all television promotions and commercials


  • Recognition as Season Supporter on organizational Web Site with hyperlink to corporate Web Site
  • Projected corporate logo during intermission on front wall of theater (Marquee-style)
  • Free tickets to the program or event
  • Listing as supporter in invitations for special events linked to the program or activity

Note: If seeking multiple levels of support, arrange benefits accordingly. Television is typically the best value, followed by radio and then print.


From Ballet Austin Tool-kit