Board Responsibilities:

A. Determine the purpose or mission

  • This statement is the foundation for all future decisions.
  • The strength of the organization is determined by the merit and focus of its mission and the commitment of its members.
  • One clear, concise, focused, and unambiguous statement can spell success or failure for the organization.

B. Establish plans

  • Determine what to accomplish. Indicate how and when it is to be accomplished. Name those responsible for achieving it.
  • Create an efficient and effective operating structure. Establish standards and criteria for evaluation.

C. Determine the budget and monitor financial affairs

  • Policy is written in the budget. Those functions with the highest priority should be the most adequately funded.
  • The budget must balance, and a reserve fund should be established and maintained.
  • The budget should be presented in a manner that enables governance rather than masking it.

D. Employ and supervise the executive staff

  • After determining the purpose, the selection of the executive staff is the most important decision made by the board.
  • The executive staff will become the personification of the organization. Choose wisely, and support the choice.

E. Adopt policies and approve programs

  • Assure compatibility of policies and programs with the purpose or mission.
  • Align the policies and programs with the priorities and resources of the organization and with the needs of the community.

F. Be directly involved in fundraising

  • Be directly involved in raising funds to support the organization’s needs, programs, and policies.
  • Support programs, projects, and administration with donations of time, money, and ideas.

G. Evaluate and report on activities and uses of funds

  • Each project should be reviewed and evaluated after it has been completed, and the entire operation should be evaluated at the end of each year.
  • An annual report indicating accomplishments and future plans plus the sources and uses of funds should be published and widely distributed

H. Renew itself

  • The board has a special responsibility to seek and nurture new talent and perspectives. Continuity is to be maintained but not at the expense of vigor and growth.

Board Roles

A. Fulfill the Law

  • Operate in keeping with the charitable purpose for which the organization was incorporated
  • File annual reports with the state
  • File federal income tax returns and appropriate wage and tax statements
  • Pay payroll and social security taxes for employees
  • Fulfill contracts

B. Be Accountable

  • To the government
  • To funders
  • To members
  • To each other

C. Assure the Financial Well-being of the Organization

  • Raise funds
  • Develop and adopt annual budget
  • Oversee financial management

D. Govern and Lead

  • Plan for the future of organization
  • Develop and define policies
  • Manage board development
  • Oversee executive director

E. Represent the Community