Volunteers are one of your best resources. They require very little in return for the work they do for your organization. They need to know they are appreciated and are making a real contribution to your organization and the community at large. Here are some ways to acknowledge them.

Reimburse assignment-related expenses
Ask for a report
Send a birthday card
Arrange for discounts, free tickets to events
Maintain a coffee bar
Plan-social occasions (teas, picnics, lunches)
Have artists provide training
Invite to staff meetings
Accommodate personal needs and problems
Use in an emergency situation
Provide a baby sitter
Respect their wishes
Keep challenging them
Greet by name
Track their time; acknowledge major thresholds
Provide good pre-service training
Help develop self-confidence
Award plaques to sponsoring group
Take time to explain fully
Remember the names of their spouse, children, and pets and ask after them
Ask for feedback. Listen. Implement any reasonable ideas.
Give additional responsibility
Let them participate in planning
Enable to grow on the job
Enable to grow out of the job 
Send newsworthy information to the media
Set an example by volunteering yourself
Honor their preferences
Create pleasant surroundings
Enlist to train other volunteers
Take time to talkCommend to supervisory staff
Recommend to prospective employer
Provide scholarships to conferences/workshops
Offer advocacy roles
Utilize as consultants 
Write them thank you notes
Invite participation in policy formulation
Bring donuts or cookies to group meetings
Celebrate outstanding projects and achievements
Defend against hostile or negative staff
Nominate for volunteer awards
Carefully match volunteer with job
Praise them to their friends
Provide substantive in-service training
Provide useful tools in good working condition
Promote a “Volunteer-of-the-Month” program
Send letter of appreciation
Plan a “Recognition Edition” of your newsletter
Adequately orientate
Let sit in on a board meeting
Give award for extraordinary achievements
Fully indoctrinate regarding the organization
Be familiar with the details of assignments
Say “Thank You “


Adapted from the Missouri Association of Community Arts Agencies
Filebox Organizational Development Manual and Legal & Financial Primer