The letter is the most popular choice of communication with decision makers. When writing a letter, use this list of helpful suggestions to improve the effectiveness of the communication. Use appropriate personal or business letterhead with address and contact information.


The Honorable (full name)
(your community name) City Council
City, State, Zip


Dear Councilman Jones:

Introduce yourself

I have lived in (your community) for many years and currently serve on the board of the local Arts Council.

(Your reason for writing and requesting action should be stated in the first paragraph of the letter. If the letter pertains to a specific bill or piece of legislation, identify it in the letter.)

I am concerned about spiraling decreases in public support for the arts and ask that you vote in favor of the budget increase currently being considered by the City. (Include the date when the vote will be taken if known.)

Your position

I strongly support the amendment to increase City funding of the Art Center, which is managed by the Arts Council. (Use one or two paragraphs to explain your position. Describe how you and your constituents will be impacted. Use a vivid example and support it with facts.)

Summary and reiteration of specific request
I strongly urge you to vote in favor of the budget increase.



Sign and print your name

Address only one or two issues in each letter; and keep the letter to one page.


Adapted from
Americans for the Arts Monograph Volume 1 Number 2