The Honorable Marcella Montoya
Arlington City Council
529 Abrams Street
Arlington, TX 75700

Dear Councilwoman Montoya:

I am writing to you because I think the performing arts events offered to our community and to visitors by Center State deserve your special attention.

As one who has worked in both large and small businesses for the last thirty-five years, I recognize the value of a strong and vital calendar of cultural activity in Arlington.  The Metroplex is one of the fastest growing population centers in the nation; our continued growth and success will depend on the quality of life which we offer to our employees and their families and future businesses that choose Arlington. Center State has been producing high quality theatrical performances for more than twenty years as well as presenting the finest touring artists in Texas and from across the region. In the last year alone, Center Stage provided enriching experiences for 22,000 visitors and 152,000 folks from Arlington.

I am asking you to consider an investment in this invaluable resource.  Next Tuesday night when the City Council considers the allocation of the local Hotel Occupancy Tax dollars, I would like you to vote in favor of the 10% increase for Center Stage currently proposed by the City Manager and his staff. This is a good investment.  For every dollar spent on programs and activity at Center Stage, $9.20 is generated in tax revenues. I believe that you already recognize the value of this arts organization to the citizens of Arlington, and I hope you will support this request for increased dollars. I will be available to meet with you to discuss the budget increase between now and next Tuesday and take you through the theater if you would like.

I urge you to support the increased Hotel Occupancy Tax dollars, and I assure you that your investment in Center Stage will give you a terrific return on investment.



Hank Booth, Chairman
Center Stage Board of Directors