Ballet Austin’s
Group Sales Campaign for The Nutcracker

Ballet Austin described one of their most effective group sales campaigns below. The first year they started this campaign, they surpassed their group sales goals by $100,000.

The campaign is effective because it integrates their messaging, focuses on the customer, and is clear and concise.

In looking at the letter for this group sales campaign, you can see some winning elements. They used humor to catch the attention of the potential group sales coordinator by calling him/her the “Head Nutcracker.” This title also lets them know right away what is expected of them.
see Sample Letter for Group Sales

The incentive is getting your group together to share in the magic of the holidays.

The incentive aligns with the overall messaging campaign for The Nutcracker.

When preparing this “package,” Ballet Austin really focused on what it is like to be the coordinator of a group. They made the components easy to use and understand. So, keep the package and the process simple. If there are too many steps between reading the offer and completing the sale, you will frustrate your customer and lose your group sale.

They included:

  • A funny attention-catching letter with step-by-step instructions
  • Group rate ticket prices with the essential instructions reiterated (in case the letter gets lost)
  • An order form designed to be circulated among potential participants

see Sample Group Ticket PricingOrder Form (PDF)

Be sure to include information on who to contact to answer any questions and to complete the order.

Reinforce this offer in all other pieces of your marketing materials. For example, your newspaper ads should also include the basic Group Sales information.

Adapted from the Ballet Austin Tool-kit