What to Consider

There are so many factors that will influence the cost of the program. Do you want it in color or black and white, what are the dimensions of the book, what kind of paper? You need to find a printer you can trust. Ask your local school or church which printer they use to print items. (They will be good sources because their budget is a lot like yours.) If they are not any assistance, ask the local newspaper for advice.

Let the printer know:

  • How many pages*
  • Total quantity needed**
  • How much you want to spend
  • You will be supplying him with pictures to scan and copy for him to typeset
  • You will want it bound by a saddle stitch

The printer will help you determine the type of paper and if you can afford color.

*  The content in the program can be as few as 12 – 5.5” x 8.5” pages. If you are selling ads in the program you need to make a layout and determine the number of pages. Remember the number of pages at the end must be divisible by four in order to make a complete book (12,16, 20,etc.).

**  It is customary to print enough programs for about 80% of the estimated attendance. It would be good to print a little more. Extra programs will go to the dancers, orchestra, sponsors, and in future proposals for sponsorship and donors.

Selling Ad Space
Enclosed is a sample letter to send to businesses you know will be interested in advertising in your program. Mail out the letter with a copy of the contract. Make sure to follow up with a phone call.

Allow a lot of time for this project. The deadline for this project cannot be extended.

see Sample Playbill Solicitation LetterAdvertiser Rates with Layouts (PDF), and Contract (PDF)

From the Ballet Austin Tool-kit