One of the most important aspects of media relations is the development of a solid list of media contacts. Including all possible contact information in one database now makes it easy and efficient to send your announcements in the future. There are a number of resources to help you get started.

Available Resources
Texas Media Directory – Although most of your media contacts will be located in your hometown, there may be occasions when you want statewide or nationwide reporters to receive your information. The Texas Media Directory is the most complete listing of all Texas print, radio, and television media outlets and their contact information. If not available at the local library, the directory is available for sale as either a book or a web subscription. Although Texas’ largest media markets can be purchased separately, you can also purchase a single directory containing all markets.

Texas Media Directory
3112 Windsor Rd., Suite A123
Austin, TX 78703
800-256-5931 (Toll Free)
512-474-8313 (Austin)
512-458-6358 (Fax)
Or visit

Free resources include:

Most of these “complete” listings will provide you with the name of the media outlet, the address, main phone number, main fax number, a main e-mail address, and the editor’s or news director’s name. You will need much more information than that and, unfortunately, you or your new intern will need to do some time-intensive research to obtain it.  Don’t forget to include online resources (journals, blogs, etc) in your list.

Be sure to leave a place on your list for notes. You can track conversations you have with individuals there, with timeline suggestions, etc.  You can also note personal things you learn about your contacts, such as they adore chocolate-covered glazed donuts and coffee. Use these tidbits of information to build your relationship.

From Texas Commission on the Arts
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