Mezclada Dance Company is dedicated to celebrating diversity by blending cultures and dance styles to create harmonious, original, and universally relatable blends of dance. Mezclada offers evening-length dance concerts, educational shows, and workshops/residencies for local, national, and international bookings. Mezclada’s repertoire includes two dance concerts: ‘All of the Above,’ which celebrates diversity by blending breakdancing, hip hop, modern dance, and Latin-inspired music, rhythms, and performance aesthetics; and ‘Mind, Body, & Soul,’ which centers around the elements of breakdancing and hip hop dance. Mezclada also collaborates on adaptable dance works with orchestras, symphonies, and musical artists. ‘Mezclada’s must-see concerts effortlessly fuse energy and culture, creating an irresistible experience for audiences of all ages.’ Mezclada offers an array of educational shows covering topics such as worldwide dance styles, hip hop culture, and health and fitness. The length and ensemble size of performances can vary, with corresponding adjustments made to the performing fees. ‘What takes artists years to achieve in community engagement and audience-building, Mezclada has accomplished at lightning speed.’ –The Dance DiSH. Photo by CSVisuals.

Additional information



Contact name

Joel Aguilera

Contact address

7100 Old Katy Rd. Apt 3106 Houston TX 77024

Phone 1


Phone 2

Public Performance

$500 – $15, 000

School performance

$500 – $2, 500

Workshop fees

$125 – $5, 000

Travel per diem lodging

$250 – $3, 000




Special audiences

Festivals, Hands-on activities, Schools

School audiences

Elementary, High, Middle, Pre-K

Venue size

Larger, Medium, Very Large

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